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Hell's Bells are Ringing; It's time to Boogie!

Sweet and spooky, creepy and cute.
My name is Mikayla-Erin: Raven Madison's reincarnate, dating my very own Alexander Sterling. 20 years mortal; Avid day dreamer; Father of #gothgoth; extremely sensitive little faerie.

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Dramatic Pale and kawaii Blog


I dug up my old hand made crop top that I had totally forgotten about and felt brave enough to include a black lip in my war paint today. ♡


Blooming in the cemetery

aymee-skout Asked:
hey lady, i get back to p.a on monday we have to hang out

My answer:

Ohemgee yeeeessss. And I’m pretty certain I don’t work that day so we could totally hang like bats